Пугачева и Вайкуле заявили о поиске суженых Maxim Galkin has posted another funny video featuring the singer in his Instagram. Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule tell you that the morning to celebrate the feast of Midsummer. Singer’s claim that they will go in search of fern flower to meet the man of my dreams.

Alla Pugacheva continues to relax in Latvia together with his family and girlfriend Laima Vaikule. Maxim Galkin often shares funny commercials featuring the two stars. This time the singer decided all the rules to mention the Baltic national celebration, and wove a decoration of flowers.

“In the morning did wreaths, lowered them down the river. Now go looking for the fern flower,” says Laima Vaikule during the video.

Ligo is one of the main national holidays of Latvia, and many of its traditions are rooted in history. In the night from 23 to 24 June it is customary to weave wreaths that you need to either flush on the river to search for Mr. right, or to give any man. Another important rite is the search for the fern flower. It is believed that if a girl finds it, she will marry.

Fans immediately hastened to note that the video is funny and unusual. “Once again reviewing the video, the smile on the face. Thank You very much for what You have”, “you Ladies are so cool. Positive no one has done harm. Health and happiness to you, good”, “well Done!, never tire of making people laugh! Expect to continue,” – commented the movie fans of the artists.

Maxim Galkin often puts a fun video involving the wife and Laima Vaikule. Earlier, the Latvian singer was trying to get hypnotherapy to break the diet and enjoy dessert. “We have something you can. Let him who can not, neither should he eat. Look at you! Come on little by little,” says the star of Alla Borisovna in the course of movie.

Another time a friend and even experimented with unusual ways to lose weight. Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule sat on an extreme diet

Many fans Galkin and Pugacheva note that these funny sketches help them to look afresh at favorite celebrities. By the way, the host is also never forgets to entertain its subscribers. Recently, the comedian has shared the original video, which talks about annoying his posts in Instagram. Along the way, Galkin washing dishes, wearing an apron on the naked body.

“It annoys me when celebrities post their photos and write that they are tired. I, for instance, when tired just before bed can crawl, but not put something on a social network” – criticizes colleagues in show-business Maxim.

Humorous videos Galkina with other stars always gather thousands of likes enthusiastic subscribers. In addition, the artist often shares photos of four of Lisa and Harry, talking about how much he loves his family.