Jim Carrey will answer in court for the death of a former lover

Джим Керри ответит в суде за смерть бывшей возлюбленной

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey will still be brought to face justice and answer how his pills were in the house of his former lover Katrina Waits and eventually caused her untimely demise.

Recall that the girl had committed suicide on 28 September 2015, taking a large dose of medications that belonged to Jim, but was issued in a false name. The reason for the suicide was the parting of Katrina with the famous lover. As it later became known from the words of the mother of the deceased, he had infected Whites sexually transmitted diseases, the presence of which is concealed from it, then accused the girl of being a player. It is influenced strongly by Catriona and eventually led to suicide.
Mother Whites Brigitte Sweetman has filed a lawsuit against Jim and demanded that he publicly demonstrated the results of tests for sexually transmitted diseases, but he refuses to share such personal information. Now, Bridget has decided once again to sue, claiming that Jim himself left Catriona your medications.
In addition to the legal assessment of the actions of Kerry, the mother of the deceased asked the court to recover the defendant funds for funeral and burial expenses. Jim denies his guilt and says that Catriona.. stole his drugs. The lawyer of the artist Raymond Bush insist that the case was closed.
“Mr. Kerry dearly loved Catriona, and it is obvious that the hearing be a very painful process for him,” said Bush.