Джессика Альба призналась, что у нее вставные зубы
All the problems with the appearance of the actress blames only himself.

Jessica Alba

Photo: Legion-media

Although many consider the 35-year-old Jessica Alba is one of the most
attractive Actresses of her generation in Hollywood, as it turned out, the star mass
claims to their appearance. As told to Jessica in his last
interviews, her it’s a shame that most of the problems it has created
their own hands.

First of all, it is their own negligence, lost his front tooth.
“It happened during the filming of the Comedy “good Luck,
Chuck. Me and my partner Dane cook was to play the scene where our heroes
kiss. We all thought how to make it funny and started fooling around. And
some point I accidentally swung and hit his face against the wall and broke a tooth. Instead
he had to put a “fake”. However, at first, I absolutely
do not bother – until then, until I started Dating cash Warren who
became my husband. He somehow, because of this upset…” — said Alba.

Unhappy with Jessica and the status of the skin. “When I was little
younger then asked with his face just awful. I always put on
it a thick layer of makeup, and even rubbed it with force in his cheeks. In the end
I had pimples. And to hide them, I slathered on the face of even more fat
the layer of makeup…” admitted Jessica. And although she refused to abuse
the creams, her skin, according to the actress, since then, remained “problematic”.

Besides, as told to Jessica,
she had thoroughly spoil their beautiful and thick by nature eyebrow. “I
they are mercilessly plucked. And only later noticed how slowly they grow, and
part of them has not recovered at all!” — sadly told the actress.

And Alba is a very embarrassing tattoo, which she managed to “decorate”
myself for my life. “It is a pity that when I did not think about what it is
forever. Then I thought it was very cool, and now I absolutely
they don’t. And I would like to warn other girls that they shouldn’t have
my example…”