Jennifer Lopez confirmed her affair with Drake

Дженнифер Лопес подтвердила роман с Дрейком

Kiss Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony on Latina Music Awards fans are encouraged by the artists. The subsequent statement by Anthony on divorce with his wife gave reason to hope that the couple decided to try to reunite and be a family again. But it did not happen, as expected by fans. Anthony alone, and Lopez seems to have found his new happiness.

Last week in the media appeared information that the singer start an affair with a colleague across the stage, which was the Drake.

Someone didn’t believe in this news, insisting that the only lady artist – singer Rihanna. But today, Jennifer has personally hinted that the rumors are unfounded.

A few hours ago on his page in Instagram j-Lo has published a clear picture with the rapper, which her followers took it as a confession.

Followers Lopez was divided into two camps: some began to congratulate her on her good choice, other — note in comments under the post Rihanna, former lover of the rapper.

The fact that sources from the inner circle Riri confessed that she was very painfully took the news about the new craze for ex-boyfriend: the singer didn’t expect that Drake will find her replacement. On the rejection of Lopez as the new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend Rihanna showed that even unsubscribed from Jen’s Instagram.