Дженнифер Лоуренс сыграет самую юную в мире миллиардершу

The role of businesswoman, earn millions on the invention of the miracle swedru in the movie “joy” Jennifer Lawrence seemed a little, again because the actress has agreed to star in the film, depicting the incredible success of one very adventurous girl.

It’s the girls! In a new unnamed project Director Adam McKay (“Play-downs), Lawrence to transform into an American entrepreneur and the founder of the notorious pharmaceutical companyTheranos” Elizabeth Holmes.

Holmes was called “Steve jobs in the skirt”, because the scheme of work, which she invented, brought her a billionaire. And it happened early enough that made Elizabeth the youngest owner of a billion.

It would be nice if in 2015 it turned out that the same technology that brings a lot of money (blood sampling with no needles), are not effective to the extent as that said Holmes.

While on the movie we only know that the writing of the screenplay and will be produced by Adam McKay, reports Variety.

Other details of the project are reported.


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