The mother of Gosha Kutsenko died from brain cancer

Мать Гоши Куценко скончалась от рака мозга

Famous Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko told about the black strip in my life. Father artist died three months after the death of his wife, the mother of a celebrity. The reason for premature death women, worked all his life as a radiologist, was the same illness which a year ago claimed the life of the famous singer Zhanna Friske.

“When my mom was diagnosed with glioblastoma, I could not understand, on what light I am. I thought it was all unreal, that it’s some kind of movie.. my Mom had several surgeries in Russia, after we went to Germany for treatment. She underwent several courses of chemotherapy, but unfortunately, the medicine was powerless” — said Gosha.
Three months after mom died, left this world and heartbroken father. Then Kutsenko was very difficult, but he found the strength to survive that difficult period, which served as the inspiration for his movie “the Doctor”.
“His film “Doctor,” I have dedicated all of whom failed to save, and the great work of the doctors, particularly neurosurgeons. The illness of his mother brought me with them, I reviewed these people. Honestly, I would like to live like they live in the same world we do, every day saving the lives of others. I think they all, to our great envy, will go to heaven. Speaking about the profession of a surgeon, I was singing odes to their work, talking about their victories and defeats. It seems to me that this ribbon is for doctors and for patients. A normal, healthy person can close their eyes and not believe what exists in our life, and sometimes no ability to protect themselves from this” — said Kutsenko, a tape of which was shown at the film festival “Kinotavr”, which is being held in Sochi.

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