Дженнифер Лоуренс «отожгла» на «Оскаре»
Actress again amused the audience.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photo: Instagram@justjared

Jennifer Lawrence, famous for his repeated falls on the red carpet again “distinguished”. She once again impressed the audience
its bewildering immediacy.

As witnessed footage
made by the reporters in the courtroom, where he was awarding Oscars before
the ceremony,
the way to his place actress has done almost acrobatic trick, famously “passing over” through the back seat.
And she done it when on her feet sported a pair of high
heels, and she was dressed in a long
tight dress, the skirt of which, however, was cut.

But the most amazing
this story is that his “PA” Lawrence complied, holding a glass of white
wine without spilling at the same time, as assured by the other guests of the ceremony, not a drop!

the way, this episode has caused a mixed reaction of fans Jennifer. Some
admired her skill. Others, however, expressed concern. After all
the topic of alcohol, in connection with Lawrence, was to arise the last time something
too often. Just recently, the actress admitted in an interview that is
her a drink of rum as she turns into a different person. So, as
told the actress she even has for himself, in a state of “drunk”, a special name —
Gail. And, according to Lawrence, Gail doesn’t behave like sober
Jennifer: throws all sorts of risky stunts and behaves quite strangely…