Jennifer garner showed what she could do with a new mistress Affleck

Дженнифер Гарнер показала, что она может сделать с новой любовницей Аффлека
Actress demonstrated its capabilities.

Is anyone else feeling rusty? #isworeidneverboomerang #forgiveme #hashtagstoo CC: @ye_lockett

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Jennifer garner has shared with fans
spectacular video: the actress, dressed in a black t-shirt and leggings of the same color
famously “beats” kicking the Mat, which barely keeps her assistant. These pictures gave fans Jennifer in
a perfect delight. The fury and force of blows 45-year-old actress do
impressive. Someone from fans garner suggested: Jennifer huffed
because the location of the sports projectile she imagined
mentally new lover of his spouse Ben Affleck.

In fact, although the novel by Ben Lindsey
Sukas only became known in June this year, gossips say that
really their love story began in 2015, the year when Affleck and garner more
not up to the divorce. This version is indirectly confirmed some
time ago Jennifer. She stated that she broke up with Ben not because
Christine ouzounian, the nanny of the children of the couple, the affair in which caught
Affleck. Graner says: she decided to break up with Ben for a few
months before this scandal. That is, at a time when, according to evil tongues, actor
started Dating Suckas…

Incidentally, for a long time it was rumored that Ben and
Jennifer can still reconcile for the sake of their common children — 11-year-old Violet,
8-year-old Serafini and 5-year-old Samuel. But now that Affleck has made his
an affair with Shukas public, it became clear that their reunion

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Suckas