Дженнифер Энистон о разводе Питта: «Я никогда не желала ему такой участи» The ex-wife of actor discussed with friends the biggest breakup in Hollywood. The opinion of relatives Jennifer aniston diverge. Some pass that the star is experiencing Schadenfreude, others say that she sympathizes with the once beloved man.

      Дженнифер Энистон о разводе Питта: «Я никогда не желала ему такой участи»

      When the world’s media had spread the news about the divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, journalists drew attention to the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Jennifer aniston.

      In 2005 when the pair announced the divorce, there were rumors persist that the actor broke up with wife for Jolie. Supposedly pitt and his sexual partner on the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” had an office romance. Subsequently, brad and Angelina denied this fact. However, the tabloids had long discussed the aniston, which is very painful perceived separation from loved man.

      Now that marriage of pitt and Jolie came to an end, many began to wonder what she thinks of the once abandoned a previous wife of actor. Friends Jennifer was very talkative with reporters and did not hide that discussed this topic.

      So, one of the close buddies aniston in an interview with the publication US Weekly defended her.

      “She never wanted this to happen. However, it is not excluded that it will happen like that,” said one star.

      “Jen wishes brad good luck and all the best. She feels a happy man and wishes that he was too happy, ” said a friend of aniston. – Jen does not hold on brad’s evil because of the divorce with him.”

      However, this view does not coincide with the words of another close friend of aniston, who published the American tabloid. Another friend star brought her a verbatim quote, from which the conclusion follows that the actress feels Schadenfreude about what happened to brad and Angelina. “They caught up with karma!” – he gave the publication the words of 47-year-old film star.

      The reason for the divorce, Jolie and pitt referred to as French actress

      “Jen always had a feeling that there will be something similar. She didn’t feel that Jolie was the one with which he will remain forever, it is too difficult for him. He’s a pretty simple guy,” the source added.

      Recall, Jennifer aniston married brad pitt in July 2000 in Malibu. The wedding was magnificent and memorable for fans of the pair for a long time. In Hollywood actors believed to be the model family for as long as in March 2005 aniston filed for divorce, and pitt in the same year took up with Angelina Jolie.