Джеффри Дин Морган и Хилари Бертон поженились

In 2009, actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilary Burton started Dating. His novel, the pair tried not to advertise it, and even seem to hide from all. The reason for this may be the age difference, Hillary 16 years younger than her lover. Or the stars just didn’t want interference in their personal lives extraneous. Anyway, Morgan and Burton found happiness in each other and in 2010 they confirmed their feelings with a son of Augustus.

For eight years the pair often appeared together in public. They were seen only a few times.

Fans combines secular exit Morgan and Burton have decided on the ceremony of the annual award Golden globe 2017.

This publication provoked the emergence of online rumors that the couple legalized their relationship. The reason for these assumptions was an engagement ring with a huge diamond on the ring finger of the actress.

Comment on a wedding couple not yet in a hurry. I hope Geoffrey and Hilary did get engaged.