Джиджи пытается помирить Беллу Хадид и Селену Гомес

Friendship between women ends when between them is a man. It happened with Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd. The singer broke up with the model, but two months later, again opened their hearts for new feelings. The girl who took the advances of the contractor, turned out to be Gomez. On hearing this, Hadid were quick to Express their dissatisfaction. But instead of criticizing the newly formed couple, Bella just deleted Selena from subscriptions, thereby demonstrating their attitude.

Note that previously the girls were friends, if not friends, now gap between them in hopes to remove Gigi Hadid.

Big sister Bella wants to reconcile her with Gomez and to restore cordial communication ” “of Course, Gigi will always be on the side of Bella, but she is very hard, because she knows that Selena is a really good person. She assures the nurse that stopped to chat with Gomez, if she wants, but deep down hoped that they all together will discuss the situation, and everything will work out”.

I wonder whether adjusted relationship Selena and Bella? It seems to us, it can happen after Gomez completes her novel with The Weeknd…