Жану-Полю Бельмондо вручили почетного «Золотого льва»
83-year-old actor being “making eyes” Sophie Marceau.

Жану-Полю Бельмондо вручили почетного «Золотого льва»

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Photo: legion-media

the legend of French cinema Jean-Paul Belmondo — arrived at the festival in Venice not just as honorable
guest. The actor was invited here to give him a well-deserved prize — the honorary Golden Lion for his entire career.
The most striking thing is that despite his advanced age — this year
Jean-Paul turned 83 years old — he looked cheerful and full of enthusiasm.
Moreover, Belmondo did not resist the temptation, not to flirt with the actress Sophie Marceau, also came to the festival.

“To be awarded this prize is a great honor for me. To
also, I feel absolutely happy because I love sea and
the sun!” — he admitted, getting his “Lion”. And when he asked what
would he even want to try to do in my life, Belmondo said, “I guess
I’ve done everything I dreamed of. But I try not to focus on thoughts about
the past. My motto: “Forward, forward and only forward!”

has every reason to be proud of his career. He managed to play in nine
dozens of films and many of them adored by the audience of all ages. Besides, Belmondo
succeeded in fact that is far from all the actors, he has starred in
movies, in movies of genre “action”. Moreover, in the latter it is almost always
did all the stunts himself. However, after suffering them in 2001-m to year of stroke
Jean-Paul had to abandon this practice.

he just got sick, the doctors seriously doubted that after they “blow”
he will be able to return to normal life. But the indomitable cheerfulness of the actor
helped him to recover health. And this helped him former next to him, his
the woman — Natalie Tardivel. She became the second wife of the actor. They lived
together for almost 9 years, but in 2008, unfortunately, decided to divorce. What
as for his first wife Elodie Constantin, who bore him three children,
with her he lived much longer — 15 years. And one of his sons — Paul, in
former professional race car driver, accompanied his father in his journey to
dearly loved Italy.

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Natalie Tardivel