Started shooting the 10th season of “Traffic light”

Начались съемки 10-го сезона «Светофор»
Channel “Che” together with the Studio Yellow, Black and White started filming the new season of the Comedy series.

Alexander Makogon, Jemal, Tetruashvili, Dmitry Miller

Photo: STS

In autumn viewers
you will see a new series of favorite TV series “Traffic light”. Channel “Che” together with the Studio Yellow,
Black and White started filming the 10th season.

Now the four of bosom
friends continue selflessly to meet the difficulties and adventures. This
guys find it difficult to answer the question: “How are you?”, because their daily life is difficult
to call normal. Seva, Pasha and Edward doing anything to their life without
the end there were unexpected problems and absurd situations. The characters of the series already
longer pay attention to a burning stop-light, they are increasingly
cross the double solid and leave on a counter strip.

Recall the “Traffic light” is the first true Comedy about men,
where — as in real life always win the girl. You can go to
all sorts of tricks. You can invent the most incredible stories. Can
try to get out, to find time for myself and try finally
to live even a minute without women. And all this only for the sake of the following
a second to realise it was the most useless moment of life.

The three of them. Im a little over thirty, and their life is very similar to
traffic signals.Edik (Dmitry Miller) — the bachelor and it always burns
“green light”. He holds the Olympic record in the competition in the
a short relationship with a girl. Permanent and settlement, does not seek, and
so he can be everything and even a little more. For Pasha (Jemal, Tetruashvili) are a little more complicated — permanent
girl, wedding in the nearest future and warning of the “yellow” in my head when
it is still unclear which way the light switches. On the one hand, he’s still in
movement, and with another — already is preparing to stop and most of his actions
outside of the office he has to agree.In life of Seva (Alexander Makogon) has long been burning red” —
wife, six-year-old daughter, maximum responsibility, at least entertaining. With
the years of Sowing a little bit lost determination, and with it men’s stiffness.
Causing the head of his family, he and wife. As a family man Sowing
calculating, contemplating their words and deeds and is mindful of the possible consequences.
He, in General, happy. But sometimes you want more…