Ревность заставила молодого бойфренда Кейт Мосс заявить о себе

Thanks to the hype in the press about the fact that supermodel Kate moss became interested in 18-year-old Jake Curtis, her real romance with 29-year-old Nikolai von Bismarck purchased a new stage of development.

Ревность заставила молодого бойфренда Кейт Мосс заявить о себе

The situation was as follows: about a week ago Kate was seen with family friend Curtis. This publication no one, perhaps, would not have noticed if not for the message the sister of Jake in Facebook, which said that for the sake of her brother’s moss leave your lover von Bismarck.

An affair with a guy who more than twice younger than Kate, of course, turned out to be fake, but it made me think about the continuation of relations with the model of von Bismarck.

Nicholas was jealous of a famous friend to the young competitor and immediately decided to indicate that the moss belongs only to him.

Still not shown with a mannequin in public boyfriend, recently accompanied her on the presentation of the collection Kate Moss For Equipment x NET-A-PORTER collection.

Witnesses said that the whole evening Kate and Nicholas had spent in the arms that suggests that the pair is developing a novel could not be better.

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