“Leningrad” has refused to do the songs without the foul language

«Ленинград» отказались исполнять песни без нецензурной лексики

The next concert of the group “Leningrad” in Novosibirsk (3 June 2016) in jeopardy, and all because of the stubbornness of the receiving party and touring musicians.

The mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot acts negatively against the forthcoming event, if during the concert “Leningrad” will use profanity. The corresponding decree was signed by the Elbow the other day: “I have signed the official warning to the group “Leningrad” about the need to comply with the legislation. This also applies to the vocabulary, and extremist appeals”.

As Anatoly says, in case of violation of the rules, the law enforcement system will react properly.

On reflection over what they are offered, the representative of group “Leningrad” has declared, that in such conditions they can not agree.

“Texts for sure we won’t change that. How to build the program and determine Sergei himself during the concert. From the song words can not erase”, — said PR agent team Dmitry Guguchkin, adding that the group’s leader Sergei Shnurov fines for offensive language do not scare me. Let’s remind, that the penalties ended with a tour of the “Leningrad” on Belarus. Then the musicians had to pay 500 roubles for each swear word.


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