Жасмин рассказала, как похудела на 16 килограммов
The singer revealed their beauty secrets.

“Proper nutrition is the best diet. I only eat that steamed or in the oven, and lots of vegetables, fruits, herbs. All this allows to preserve the shape”

Photo: from personal archive Jasmine

which is always very kind to their health, said,
what problems her body was experiencing after the birth of youngest son, 2-year

women the recovery process takes a different time. I have somewhere a year
began to change and a gradual return to the old forms. At this
I had made good progress, but are still in the process
want to get closer to its ideal state. During the third
pregnancy I gained about 20 pounds, — says the singer. —
Of course, I feared that they would return. I think that figure scare
any woman. I’m not talking about the pregnant belly, and about the incremental
kilograms in other parts of the body. Of course, I knew how then
will have to make efforts. But it’s all fleeting anxiety that quickly
remove the background because the joy of expecting a child and caring for
that he was well in there — the most important experiences during
pregnancy. I said to myself: “the Main thing is the baby was born healthy, and
about the figure I’ll worry about it after birth.” That I will be able to return to the previous
the form is not even questioned. At the moment, already managed to lose 16

Jasmine revealed the secret of how to achieve such impressive results.

killers, the diet has been agreed with the doctor. When the feeding period
ended, I switched to balanced, smaller meals, — says the artist.
— Eat small portions 4-5 times a day. Rule out fatty foods, refined
products (white flour, polished rice etc), sugar replaced honey and syrup
agave. Try to have food steamed or in the oven, eat a lot
vegetables, greens and fruits. Every day I drink at least two liters of water and,
of course, 3-4 times a week doing sports with a coach. We have developed
a special program, which at every stage has given and continues to give
good results.”

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