Жасмин села на жесткую диету
The singer flew to Spain to lose weight and to be treated.


Photo: Elena Sukhova

Recently, Jasmine received from their Spanish friends very useful gift — the invitation to the detox center. And here the singer
flew to Spain to be cleaned and redeveloped.

“As much as we wanted
to correct lifestyle, toxins still accumulate gradually in
the body: water, food, non-organic cosmetics, household chemicals and bad environment, says Jasmine. — I want to start the spring with a strong immune system,
great mood and energy boost that will last you for the year ahead, because
ahead of us a lot of interesting things! General cleaning of the body began.”

Singer every day shares with subscribers its success on the road to health, a beautiful body and well-being. For example, on the first day of his stay in
she tried the ozone therapy.

“Feeling like after a walk in the woods, the whole body breathing, each of centimetric
skin! The point of this procedure is that blood is injected in the solution with the content
items ozone and all kinds of vitamins, — says the singer. — Ozone therapy is a natural antibiotic: blood occur the chemical processes that result in
which killed all the germs viruses and unwanted bacteria. In the end, the body
saturated with oxygen, which is good affects the outer skin,
improves metabolism, increases immunity, so don’t get sick!”

Today Jasmine told about the stages of his detox procedure.

“My first day at the clinic —
preparatory! Before starting the process of detox, you need
first pass all the tests and examined by a therapist, you
in any case there should be no contraindications! Therapist
in some detail asks you about everything — it’s like a health
confession! and directs you to a dietitian and the first procedure.
A nutritionist is a detailed program of your food. Sweet tooth it will seem like punishment, but it’s worth it! — says the singer. — I had a personal meeting with a fitness coach who has made a detailed training program with cardiovascular exercise. And
next was the most enjoyable for me: a seaweed wrap and
a variety of massages”.