Жасмин активно худеет к лету The artist pleased his fans a new snapshot. Jasmine posted a photo of the gym, which is now, apparently, spends a lot of time. According to singer, each person needs to constantly improve.

      Singer Jasmine is a mother of three children. The eldest heir celebrity Michael 19 years old and the youngest Myron – it’s not even a year. Despite the addition to the family, who quickly came into shape and soon began to delight fans of beautiful images in tight-fitting dresses. But, apparently, the actress not only what she has already been successfully achieved. The woman decided to train at home and in the gym to achieve.

      Jasmine told how to lose weight after childbirth

      The frame of the fitness centre provoked a lively reaction among followers. For many of them remains a question how the singer manages to work, run the family and still find time for your health. Some subscribers noted that many stars should take note how important it is to exercise in order to stay in great shape.

      “Summer is around the corner! You should think about the beautiful reliefs and slim waist! Who will support my sports marathon under the motto: “there is No limit to perfection!” – wrote under the Jasmine.

      His appeal to followers Jasmine hoped that they will support it and maybe give some useful advice on how best to deal with. Part of followers have suggested the actress to try a special nutrition program that is especially important, when active exercise. Trying to cheer up Jasmine, the fans spoke about their experience. “Forward! I have 20 years of doing, is not desirable, but necessary! I am 52 years old, but is not a hindrance, right?” – wrote podistica on the page of a celebrity.

      By the way, devoted fans of Jasmine always admired her appearance and never criticized him. On the contrary, even now they think that the woman is not necessarily to spend a lot of time in the gym because she doesn’t have obvious weight issues. “You’re adorable, why do you need gravity to pull you and so good!”, “I have so much of zeal, how much you have. You are so industrious, well done! An example for a lot of young that ass off the couch to tear can not”, – expressed the opinion followers Jasmine.