Жасмин: «Буду рядом с мужем до конца!»
The singer is convinced that the detention of her husband, businessman Ilan Shor, is a mistake.

Жасмин: «Буду рядом с мужем до конца!»

Jasmine: “I Will be beside her husband to the end”

Photo: photo from personal archive of the singer

Last night it became known that the wife of the singer Jasmine — businessman Ilan Shor —
detained in Chisinau. He is accused of fraud and money laundering.
The Moldovan authorities have detained the shore for 72 hours, but it is possible that he will spend
under arrest not less than 30 days.


Photo: Philip Goncharov

38-year-old singer is convinced that the arrest of her husband is a mistake. “I hope in three days
Ilana let go because of the grounds for detention was not. Now we don’t even
they say that in connection with what has arrested my husband, ” says Jasmine. We are all in shock! I am now in Chisinau
together with her daughter and newborn son and struggling to support her husband”.

Recall that in 2015, husband of the famous singer Moldovan authorities have already detained, however, in the other case, and
before his arrest did not come down.

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