Anna Semenovich has unveiled the identity of his new friend

Анна Семенович рассекретила личность своего нового друга
Personal life singer was the center of attention.

Анна Семенович рассекретила личность своего нового друга

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

Recently in
microblog Anna Semenovich began to appear pictures with a mysterious stranger. On
one of the shots was even imprinted a gentle kiss singer with a mysterious
brunette. Photos caused great excitement from the fans of the 36-year-old Anna.
Many of them were delighted that the mayor, finally revealed the secret of his
personal life and was looking forward to when we will know the name “lucky”.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

But, to the disappointment of fans, the intriguing photos were just shots from the new clip of Anna, which premiered the other day. As is customary in show business, the first show of the new creation Semenovich held in the closed star party. Guests of the premiere of the song “Not just love” became Olga Orlova, Nikolai Baskov, Evelina Bledans, Katya LEL and many others.

Meanwhile, as personal life by the S. remains a mystery, recently, Anna has shared the secrets of staying in shape. “Since childhood, drink a lot of milk,” says Anna. — With a glass of milk starts my morning, in my purse you will find useful yogurt, and before bed be sure to drink bio yogurt. This is the secret of this remarkable appeal!” However, of course, without sport Semenovich also can not do. Following the example of his girlfriend Tatiana Navka, she diligently engaged in Boxing.

Night…….. Time sins??? #Annaamanov #singer #lubljulana #Castlevania #POSITIVITY???

A video posted by Anna Semenovich (@ann_semenovich) on Jun 22, 2016 at 7:09am oter saves student! PDT

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