Jasmine became a victim of hackers

Жасмин стала жертвой хакеров
The singer had to sacrifice time and personal photos.


Jasmine said that was the victim of a cyber-attack. Attackers
hacked her page in the social network. Or singer with fraudsters
to regain its place on the Internet it failed.

Had to have a new account:
star immediately told his fans.

“Dear friends! says Jasmine. —
Recently, my Instagram was hacked and to win it, unfortunately, failed. In
the first white days of winter I start instaging with a clean slate. We have
a lot of news, interesting projects and filming. December and January will be full
the gala esters. Very glad to be with you again and share your
creativity and your thoughts, miss you terribly! It was a pity to lose a few
hundreds of thousands of friends along with the old profile and publications, but we assume
the New year is a time of updates, well, waiting for your friends on the new account! Your

By the way, not so long ago in a similar situation Lyanka Grau. Friends and fans of the actress were taken aback to learn that she started a new

As it became known later, the account was hacked Grau scammers:
they changed the password, login and began to place false information on behalf of the actress.

Suffered from hackers and Yulia Proskuryakova, she also had to have a new account. The wife of Igor Nikolaev has warned his fans about the incident and said that soon the name of the crackers and ordered her to be known.