Джаред Лето поделился в сети личным номером телефона, призвав фанатов писать ему СМС

Джаред Лето поделился в сети личным номером телефона, призвав фанатов писать ему СМС

The famous American actor and the legendary musician Jared Leto invented for himself and his fans a very unusual entertainment on the weekends. Given its huge popularity, such action on his part, quite surprised the public.

To come up with something more elegant is probably not be anyone of the celebrities. Jared demonstrated his love and relationship with the fans in a most unusual way. At the weekend, he recorded and published a video message to their fans, which is insanely touched the feelings of the fans, and it got me thinking the public. Sure after this post on Instagram, the actor no longer has to think about the free time.

On his page in social network Instagram, Summer pointed out his personal phone number and urged fans to call him. Of course, fans didn’t believe initially that the number is genuine, however to verify the accuracy of information they still decided. Why not, and maybe they’ll get lucky.

The musician did not explain why the impulse to open relations with the fans, just offered to chat.

Began his video message Summer greetings. He further said that quite a long time with their fans and so misses him. To fix this, it is suggested to leave your phone number for everyone. Jared said he would be only too happy if the fans will write him a greeting and tell us what runs their lives. The musician wrote his personal phone number 213-335-2223 and confessed fans of love, advised to take care of each other.

Of course the true fans came in great excitement. However, their joy did not last long. It turned out that each of them responded to my messages, and they certainly wanted to communicate personally with the actor. After talking with the robot, each of those who dared to dial the phone number of celebrities received in response to the photo of the actor. The card had the accompanying text, which all were the same. The text read that it was really Jared and this is his real phone number if people will write him messages, and I get an answer immediately.

Someone from the fans is very upset that he could not personally hear his idol, and someone was enough of even such small attentions on the part of Jared.

One of the fans tweeted that he was very happy when I heard the phone ringing, instead of the intended “you typed a non existing number”. And when he heard the voice of the idol, recorded on the answering machine, the happiness knew no bounds. So she asked the rest of the network users not to spoil her mood, because to hear the voice idol on the phone — it is a great happiness.

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