Джеймс Леброн нарушил молчание по поводу смерти Коби Брайанта

LeBron James heard the “voice” of Kobe Bryant that day, when his longtime friend, mentor and former Olympic teammate died with his teenage daughter in a plane crash. Now LeBron says how he feels after the tragedy.
Of the many celebrities that erupted after the shocking death of Kobe Bryant, many were worried about the reaction of LeBron James. After a day of silence, mourning the death of his 41-year-old friend and 13-year-old daughter Coby, Gianna ( Gigi ), LeBron finally gave Kobe a tribute that left his millions of Instagram followers with a broken heart on January 27. “I’m not ready, but I’m going, started LeBron. “Man, I think now, trying to write something for this post, but every time I try, I start again to cry just thinking about you, my niece Gigi and on friendship, respect and brotherhood that we had!”

Джеймс Леброн нарушил молчание по поводу смерти Коби Брайанта
LeBron especially is struggling with mixed emotions, seeing that he just took 3rd place in the scoring list of the NBA on the eve of the crash. Now that is sad to think LeBron was dressed in Nike sneakers marked with the words “Mamba 4 Life” when he scored the necessary points in order to surpass a personal record of Kobe in the game against “Philadelphia 76”. Kobe was known as the “Black Mamba”. Stunned at how this tragedy happened so fast, LeBron went on to write: “I literally just heard your voice on a Sunday morning, before leaving Philadelphia to return to Los Angeles. Never in a million years thought that this would be the last conversation we had!! I’m heart-broken and devastated my brother.”

Джеймс Леброн нарушил молчание по поводу смерти Коби Брайанта
As the new face of the Lakers, to which LeBron joined after the departure of Kobe from the same team in 2016, LeBron knows he must continue to inherit Kobe has brought five wins in the NBA championship. “I love you, big bro. My heart is now with Vanessa (Kobe wife) and kids (other daughter is Kobi Natalia, 17 years old, Bianca, 3, and Capri, 7 months). I promise you, I’ll keep your inheritance! You mean so much to us all, especially # LakerNation💜💛, and I have a responsibility to put this burden on my back and continue in the same spirit! — said LeBron. You can read the rest of his hot message on Twitter. LeBron even changed his avatar on a sentimental photo of Kobe holding his daughter Janu, which is continuously trained with his father to one day become a WNBA star.
LeBron was only 15 years old when he met Kobe at a youth basketball camp. Throughout his two-year friendship of NBA stars have never played together on the Lakers, although they have both teamed up to represent the United States at the Olympic games 2008 and 2012. Latest tweet Kobe was even devoted to LeBron. “Continuing to push the game forward @KingJames. I really respect my brother No. 33644, ” wrote Kobi on January 25, right after the Saturday night total points in his career LeBron has grown to 33 655 that lifted him from fourth to third place in the overall standings of the NBA.

LeBron lost his friend after the Kobe helicopter Sikorsky S-76B crashed in Calabasas on Sunday morning, January 26. Kobe was on Board the helicopter with her daughter Janney, teammates on the basketball Gianna Alyssa the Altobelli and Peyton Chester, as well as a basketball coach for Teens Christine Mauser. Other parents also went on the helicopter: parents Alyssa John and Keri Altobelli and her mother Peyton Sarah Chester. The helicopter was headed to the Sports Academy Mamba in Newbury Park, where Gianna that day played in the tournament. There were no survivors and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. Heavy fog forced police helicopters aircraft are not to leave that morning, although the pilot Ara Sabano, who also died, was allowed to fly because air traffic controllers have given him the green light to use special visual flight rules, according to the received audio. Kobe was only 41 when he left the world.

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