Janet Jackson on the fight against depression

Джанет Джексон о борьбе с депрессией

New issue of the magazine Essence Magazine has decided to please fans with an interesting story from the life of Janet Jackson. 52-year-old singer shared how Vela intense struggle with depression.

Джанет Джексон о борьбе с депрессией

“I struggled with depression. And it was a tense struggle. Low self-esteem can arise from feelings of inferiority that you experience in childhood. This may be due to non-observance of high standards. And, of course, do not forget about social issues such as racism and sexism. All together, this results in a depression — a very scary condition. Fortunately, I found a way out of it,” says the artist.

Janet also spoke about the struggle for women’s rights, which is particularly popular due to the movement #MeToo. “We live in a time when women did not want to be controlled, exploited, raped. We showed our strength, and we will not rest,” she says.

Despite the depression, which the singer overcame 20 years ago, and the tense situation in the struggle for women’s rights, Jackson feels happy. And all because of the son of Isser. “The greatest happiness for me is to hold my child, listen to his agyare, kiss him, look into his smiling eyes and see how he responds to my tenderness,” she says.

Джанет Джексон о борьбе с депрессией
But about his relationship with ex-husband, with whom she had one son, Janet decided not to extend. Recall that the singer is trying to get sole custody of his son Issa, but so far she failed her ex — husband Wissam al-Mana, along with her involved in the education of their child. Weekend children spend with the father, but this time mom finds a place. She is so excited that even the police were called to the house of al-Mana.

“The police got there. They were convinced that the baby is fine, and he’s gone,” said the insider.

Brother of singer Randy Jackson has decided to shed some light on the situation. It turns out that the nanny, who at the time was helping his father to follow the little Issa, not nashutku scared the behaviour of Wissam. She locked herself in the bathroom so he did not hear, as she called Jackson.

Recall that Janet Jackson and Wissam al Mana were married in 2012. January 3, 2017 Janet gave birth to a son Issa. When the baby was 3 months old, the couple decided to separate. Wissam al-Mana was the third husband of Janet Jackson from 1984 to 1985 she was married to musician James Debarge, and from 1991 to 2000 for dancer Rene Elizondo Jr.
At the moment Janet wants to seek sole custody of Issa due to the behavior of the former husband. According to the singer, not once did he insult her and even used brute force.

“Thank the most beautiful person in the world for shared love, for unconditional support and for what was my best friend. I love you very much, and Yes Allah help us to be together forever,” wrote Martin and accompanied his tweet with a quote from the Koran at parting.

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