Джейми Фокс поскандалил в калифорнийском ресторане

Scandal over the rest of Hollywood actor James Fox and his friends in a restaurant in West Hollywood Catch this weekend. Fun star interrupted a young man sitting at the next table.

Making a comment about excessive noise emanating from the company of Fox, the man said: “You do not want to do business with new York native”.
Is Jamie’s friend said, “Well, I’m from Oakland, so what?”. Next version poskandalil sides are very different. One eyewitness told Reporters that the young man who made the comment, pulled a Fox and wanted to nail him to the table, but the star of the movie “Django” and dodged, making a choke hold, pacified the offender. Immediately he arrived the guards of the restaurant and a young man from new York, as well as his entire company was kicked out of the restaurant.