Джейми Дорнан рассказал о психологических проблемах

The star of “50 shades of grey” Jamie Dornan was a guest of the podcast, Jay Rayner, which talked about psychological problems and addiction to alcohol. The problems began in childhood, when the future actor experienced his mother’s death.

Джейми Дорнан рассказал о психологических проблемах

“My mother died from pancreatic cancer when I was only 16 years old. This tragedy changed my life forever. Only a year later four of my friends died in a car accident that finally knocked me off. It was the most difficult period in my life: I dropped out of University, didn’t have any Hobbies and a lot of drinking,” said Dornan in the podcast.

Dornan did not realize that he was in trouble. Showed them to his employer in one of the interviews. “I remember that I wanted to change everything and start life with a clean slate. I came in for an interview and confessed to the employer that lately I’ve achieved nothing and did not. He looked at me and said, “you’re depressed!”. And I realized that he was right. I’ve never thought about it, but I really felt very depressed,” recalled Jamie.

To lead life in order helped professionals approached by the actor. Despite the recovery, Jamie is still struggling with himself, because such events always leave a big imprint. After the incident, Jamie began to actively support charity Fund NIPanC that helps people with pancreatic cancer.

“This tragedy still has a powerful influence on me, and I would not wish anyone to be in a similar situation. However, thanks to the Foundation I realized that not alone. Many have lost the dearest people, being at a young age,” said Dornan, who recently became a father for the third time.

Recall that the couple had a third child. The couple, already raising Dalsi five-year and three-year-old Elva. Reported it to Amelia on instagram for Mother’s Day. The star posted a touching photo, which depicted three pairs of booties. “Impossible much proud of their stunning girls. It is such an honor to be their mom! Feeling incredibly lucky”.

In August last year for the first time talking about pregnancy with Amelia when I noticed her changing figure. In a couple month, good news confirmed the official representatives of the stars. Three children Dornan doesn’t want to stop, because he was madly in love to be a father. “Part of me is inclined to think that it would be necessary to take a break after the birth of her third child. But then I realize that we overlook the really lovely children. And if my wife wants, we will continue to do as long as we can. It all depends on her. My job is simple”,
— he declared.

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