Джеймс Франко подписался на «Пьяные фейерверки» Стивена Кинга

James Franco and Stephen king…again. Over the weekend it became known about the new project of actor – she is going to star in the film adaptation of the novel of Stephen king’s “Drunk fireworks” (2015), in addition to become the Executive producer of the project, and perhaps even Director.

The plot of the future film would be: “Drunk fireworks” will show us a very small rural area in Maine, where every year, on the July 4th celebrations, comes a colorful fireworks show, which also itself is a competition.

For the first prize are traditionally struggling mechanic Alden McCausland (Franco) and a retired mob boss Nick Serrano. Serrano wins every year, which is not like Maccausland, because next year he intends to do everything to win this race fireworks.

The author of the script is assigned to Matthew Rager, who previously worked with Franco in “as I lay dying, the sound and the fury” and the upcoming drama “lost the battle”.

Recall, Stephen king and James Franco have already met at work on a new mini-series “11.22.1963”, where Franco not only played a major role, and became the producer of the television adaptation.

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