Иванка Трамп получила личный кабинет в Белом Доме

American policy shock. The daughter of the new President of the United States of America Donald trump Ivanka, despite the absence of any political career, received inconceivable privileges – your own personal office in the White House.

The country is not accustomed to such things, and many public figures and politicians lashed out on the Trumps. Social networks simply teem with angry messages and comments rather strange for America Chapter of generosity towards his cousin.
Many have compared the decision of a trump coup, and assume that Donald will soon start robbing the country. It is suggested the former U.S. labor Secretary Robert Reich. Cristini believe that Ivanka didn’t deserve such privileges, just having the relationship with the President.
“In the next room it will surely make dressing room” -catty commentators.
“The x-files wouldn’t be a secret. The good news for other countries!” — outlive pessimists. However, there are those who believe that Donald trump owe a lot to my daughter, and private office in the West wing of the White house near the Oval office – is the minimum that can give trump his daughter.
By the way, there is the office of the husband of Donaldon Ivanka Jared Kushner. Son is now a senior adviser to trump.
The lawyer and the representative of the President’s daughter has already said that office is just a room. No salary, no official Ivanka will not have.