Иван Жидков заговорил о воссоединении с Арнтгольц The parents went to school ruler daughter. The General’s daughter Tatiana and Ivan went to the first class. Arntgolts and Zhidkov could not miss such a significant event in a child’s life. The actor joked that he and ex-wife together again.

      Two years ago, Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan jidkov divorced. Despite the fact that the celebrity couple broke up, the actors managed to part amicably. Now famous artists share a common daughter Mary. Parents loved in a girl. Many fans still hope that Arntgolts and Zhidkov will become a family and a reporter trying to find evidence that the former couple may be together again. Sami Tatiana and Ivan joking about their reunion.

      “We are together again and are waiting for twins,” wrote sarcastically Ivan Zhidkov.

      As it turned out, Tatiana and Ivan took my daughter on line to the school. This year she started first grade. Fans rushed to congratulate the girl with the beginning of the school year.

      “The first-graders you parents! Every success to you”, “First time in first class! Congratulations! Parents strength and patience! Doch – fives!”, “Ivan, congratulations to you! Your daughter, wonderful Mamie,” commented on fans of the actor.

      Despite the fact that now Tatiana and Ivan are not together, they try to envelop the daughter with care and gave her their full attention. The liquid takes an active part in the life of a machine spends a lot of time with her and spoils. Nevertheless the girl understands the boundaries of dad’s patience and trying not to irritate.

      “She knows that, despite my softness, flexibility and good communication skills, I in case of need can be tough. And Mary feels that there is a boundary, when the Pope may be the last”, – told Ivan about the relationship with my daughter.

      After divorce Ivan found love in the person of 23-year-old model. With Lilia Solovieva he met through the popular social network Periscope. After just a month after the first meeting with the girl, they began to live together. Zhidkov was under the impression that the young model is not committed to marry him. Moreover, Lily and Ivan the same views on leisure and lifestyle. Ivan Zhidkov spoke for the first time about relationship with a student

      “Lily I’m all in shock. She’s younger than me by eight years, but it never dragged me to a disco or a club. I see that a regular life it is quite satisfied. She shakes my nerves, for which I am very grateful. I give all I can, but if you feel that I start to pull strands all over. I need to take this for what it is. A woman needs to fill my life with light, so those who are prone to depression, I run like mad”, – said the actor.