Jasmine is preparing for litigation with a crook

Жасмин готовится к судебным разбирательствам с аферистом Russian singer continues to look for the person who requires it 62 million. A claim for Jasmine was filed in the Arbitration court by businessman Pavel Gorbach. Lawyers for the stars understand the question.

      In mid-August on the singer Jasmine filed a lawsuit for “Illegal enrichment.” A businessman Pavel Gorbach utverjdaet that the singer must return 32 million rubles. The head of a construction company is suing the actress from the show who she was supposed to spend in Germany. According to the man, she even got money for them.

      With singer Jasmine require the court 62 million

      Jasmine found out about the lawsuit against her from “StarHit”. The star was surprised by this turn of events. The lawyers of the actress have started to find out exactly what the problem is.

      “When I first heard that a Paul Gorbach gave to me in court, I immediately realized that it was a misunderstanding. Told his lawyer. He started to check everything and saw a lawsuit filed on me the Volgograd businessman. I was accused that I took 20 million in cash for the tour…and did not come. But I do not know this person. Interestingly, his company is building. What they have to the organization of the concerts is unclear,” said Jasmine “StarHit”.

      Lawyers for Jasmine claim that Paul Gorbach forged the signature Jasmine. The man really works in the construction business, and he accordingly has no relation to the organization of concerts. According to the artist, you can draw a handwriting expert to prove that the copies of documents is not her signature.

      “Apparently, a resourceful man, decided to be enriched at my expense. There specifically was wrong my address – to the agenda I didn’t, and I didn’t know about the lawsuit. Meanwhile, the court went on, nobody came to the meeting. The hope was that I learned nothing, in absentia, the decision will be made about the fact that I have to pay sky-high $ 62 million rubles, they will try to deduct from my Bank accounts and I can not do anything,” – said Jasmine.

      The session on the case of illicit enrichment is scheduled for October, as none of the parties in court, was not previously appeared. “We were trying to find Paul Gorbach, his representatives, his company – but nothing happened, it’s like he vanished into thin air. Here, I want to say a huge thank you to the journalists “StarHit” because they noticed this lawsuit, had written about him, and thereby given the opportunity to respond to the fraudulent activity! I’m sure that everything will soon be resolved and justice will prevail,” thanked Jasmine.