It’s wrong bees! Evelina Bledans evacuated from the aircraft due to the invasion of insects

Это неправильные пчелы! Эвелину Блёданс эвакуировали с борта самолета из-за нашествия насекомых
The actress called the incident “attack of killer bees”.

Evelina Bledans

Evelina Bledans frequently in history, worthy of the most dramatic screenplays. Need
to give the actress credit, endless troubles she perceives with an inexhaustible
optimism and humor. Just an artist who received a complication after suffering “on
feet” cold, started to recover and resumed touring as
waiting for her new “adventure”.

The incident on Board the aircraft, the actress
titled as “Vnukovo Airport attack killer bees”. “This morning, sitting in an easy chair on the plane
Moscow-Simferopol, I did not stay there long, told the star subscribers
personal microblog. Nervous voice, the flight attendant ordered everyone to leave
the plane, as in the Luggage compartment, the bees broke through the packaging and follow
the direction of the cabin and the cockpit. From reliable sources it became known,
that this specially trained wild bees. And if not for our alert service
the first thing I would attack pilots, and then they ate and passengers. All
bitten was sent to the bee prevention from rabies. Thank you for
timely replacement Board!”

Laughter laughter, but the story is that bees on Board
was free — not the fantasy of Evelina. In the Luggage compartment
really was a damaged container, in which there was a swarm of these insects. Their bites could cause passengers real harm. Especially those who are prone to
allergies. Known cases when only a few markings of bees sent
people in the hospital. So, appreciating the humor of the situation, fans Bledans happy
that star, like her companions, escaped with only slight shock.