«Это была миссия ниндзя»: Эштон Кутчер о тайной свадьбе с Милой Кунис

On the show Ellen DeGeneres actor Ashton Kutcher explained why he and his wife Mila kunis have kept the wedding a secret, and on the first year of life of their daughter Uaytt.

«Это была миссия ниндзя»: Эштон Кутчер о тайной свадьбе с Милой Кунис

Actors Ashton Kutcher (Ashton Kutcher) and Mila kunis (Mila Kunis) for a long time managed to drive the press and fans by the nose. After the first rumors about engagement in 2013 fans were waiting for the information about the wedding. Kunis and Kutcher only fueled interest. Greeting the fans with a new 2015-th year, the actors have posted in Facebook photo with the inscription on the sand: “happy New year! Kutcheri”. In March 2015 broadcast of “the tonight show with Probably James” (The Late Late Show with James Corden) after leading question about the ring on the ring finger of Mila kunis indirectly confirmed that the wedding took place. In the summer of 2015, People magazine reported that the couple had a secret ceremony in California in weekend in honor of U.S. independence Day.

Why they so strenuously tried to hide the fact of wedding, Ashton Kutcher said on the show Ellen DeGeneres (The Ellen DeGeneres Show).

“It was a right mission ninja. We do not want that over our heads circling helicopters, and this is understandable. I published in social networks of different geolocation”.

In October 2014, kunis and Kutcher daughter Wyatt Isabelle (Wyatt Isabelle). Now the girl is a little over a year, and, according to father, she has a calm nature.

“In the first year of life children you just want to keep them safe and sound, and then you realize that it is right: your job is to not let them kill themselves,’ said the actor. — Wyatt doesn’t understand that this rock can be dangerous. You think that children come into this world with the instinct of self-preservation, which will protect them from fire or falls from a great height, but it is not. I don’t understand how he survived primitive people”.

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