«Оно 2» прогнозируют космические для ужастика кассовые сборы

According to analysts, the second part of the movie “It” can collect a huge amount of box office receipts, no losing the previous section.

While horror movies can be a good way for the Studio to get a solid profit with a low budget, extremely rare to see that at least one of them served as the basis for increasing the rating of the Studio. However, it’s not exactly about the film “It is: Chapter two” (“It: Chapter Two”) of the film company “Warner Bros. Pictures New Line Cinema”. It is expected that the movie will be as successful as its predecessor 2017. At least, it analysts predict.

Two years ago, the movie “It” “hit the ceiling” of the box office, is typical for horror films, earning a record for the genre the amount of $ 123 million dollars. And this with a very economical budget, which amounted to only $ 35 million. Such fees caught analysts by surprise.

The film “It is: Chapter two” predicted at least a major amount of box office receipts worldwide. So, now some analysts predict the amount of 100-110 million dollars, while others expect about $ 120 million. We will add that the shooting of horror began in the summer of 2018, and the premiere in U.S. is scheduled for September 5, 2019.

Analysts and distributors-competitors told the Western edition of “The Wrap”, which is quite likely, “It is: Chapter two” will exceed the cash bar set by the first film. And even if a horror movie will collect the smallest projected amount, it will still be one of the highest grossing films of September.

We will remind, a film “It is: Chapter two” is based on the second half of the cult novel by Stephen king. Events will take place 27 years after the victory over Pennywise. Members of “Club of losers”, which is already up, going back to Derry to do this to each other a blood oath. They will once and for all to end the evil clown Pennywise.

The film will play the stars for the first part of bill Skarsgard in the role Pennywise, Jaden Martell and Finn Wolfhard. And the actors, who first appears in the movie James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, bill Hader and Isaiah Mustafa.

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