В свой день рождения муж Софи Тернер сел на Железный трон

Yesterday, 15 August, is an American singer and musician Joe Jonas celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. On this day, the best present he made his wife – a star of the TV series “Game of Thrones” Sophie Turner.

В свой день рождения муж Софи Тернер сел на Железный трон

Greetings from your dearest Sophie and the brothers began to crumble at the Joe in the morning. So, 23-year-old Sophie Turner has published a few pictures with her husband, their cute signing.

For starters, the actress has published a photo of Joe Jonas from the rest.

В свой день рождения муж Софи Тернер сел на Железный трон

— With the 30th anniversary, my love and the best thing that ever happened to me in life. Joe Jonas, I love you”, signed in your Instagram stories Sophie.

A little later she posted another photo, which already was captured along with her lover. A pair of tight hugging in the pool, and Joe is holding a cigar.

В свой день рождения муж Софи Тернер сел на Железный трон

— You’re my world — briefly signed photo of the actress.

Forgot about the singer and his brothers, with whom the singer share not only blood, but also a creative bond. In 2005, the brothers have created their own pop group, which was called the Jonas Brothers (“Jonas Brothers”). They have performed together in 2013, and then did a six-year pause. In 2019, the guys got together again to write songs and touring. We will note, in 2009, the Disney channel produced a series “Jonas” brothers-stars.

So, younger brother Joe – Nick — joined in the congratulations.

— My brother. My best friend. Happy birthday, Joe. I love you — written by Nick under the photo from the wedding of Joe and Sophie.

Older brother Kevin invited Joe to light and to arrange a show, because the band on this day was the scheduled concert.

— With the 30th anniversary of this is unreal dude! Joe, man, we love you so much! And now let’s have a show and a party — written by Kevin.

That evening, the group Jonas Brothers performed a concert in Washington, which played as part of their big tour “Happiness Begins”. At the end of the show the family has arranged for Joe’s surprise. Sophie brought to the stage a cake for the birthday boy and invited him to make a wish, blowing out the candles. At this time the hall enthusiastically sang the chorus of “Happy Birthday”.

Already behind the scenes, Jo had another cake in the style of “Game of Thrones” (apparently, the couple really loves the series and can not forget him!). Such a surprise for him, ordered friends. The highlight was that on top of the cake adorned with Sophie and Joe, sitting with a cigar on the Iron Throne.

After the show Joe Jonas and his family went to have fun.

Note that this year was special for Joe. In late July, the singer married Sophie Turner. For starters, the pair played a joke wedding in Las Vegas, and then in France. A honeymoon couple was celebrated in the Maldives.

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