Стало известно, какие отношения связывают Самбурскую и Омарова

The young actress and ex-husband Ksenia Borodina has conceived a joint business project.

About a week ago, attentive fans have figured out that Nastasya Samburski and ex-husband Borodina rest together in Spain. Naturally, everyone immediately decided that a couple of the novel, and lashing out at the newly made couple. Nastasya was nicknamed theft auto, well, one of the first multimillion fans Borodina accused of all sins, including adultery once their favorite star, after all, formally Xenia and Quran not yet divorced.

However, as it turned out, nothing dogs pulled at them. Actress and ex-wife of a leading “House-2” is associated only business relationship. And they met for lunch just in order to discuss the details of their future joint business.

Kurban Omarov suggested Nastasia become a partner in his new business project “Zvezdara”. It will be an account in Instagram, in which stars of the Russian show-business will publish their personal photos and La Internet-magazine about stars, where they about themselves all told. According to the correspondent of “life”, with some of the celebrities already signed a contract.

Businessman looking for new face for his clothing store, which until recently bore the name of Ksenia Borodina. However, after parting with his wife Kurban Omarov ordered by a joint business, alas, is not in her favor and took it all for himself.

Perhaps Nastasya Samburski have Omarova will develop much stronger partnerships. The actress at least is confident that she has a lot more advantages than its predecessor. To speak on this subject, it has forced attacks Kusinich fans. Nastassja suffered, endured, could not resist:

“I am very glad that I didn’t get out to the people, through the glory of the former husband. I’m glad I did not sell people fake Chanel. I have enough conscience to carefully approach the issue of advertising and not to turn the page in the market. So I live in the panel house, though with a drop dead repair, and could be in penthouse! I didn’t steal husbands from their families. I swear, because I can’t stand stupid people. I love to be myself. Not like the rot and envy. I don’t like the phrase, “who are you without the “Uni” and 6 million subscribers?” I am first and foremost a person. I’m not a hanger. Take away from me all and I will very quickly catch up, because I’m a good actress, so you there is no hissing snake, if you haven’t seen anything other than Uni – switch the channel. Reveal the secret, he was not alone.

I’m not perfect, I give you my failures. I’m not a nun and my life is a few pages for which I am ashamed. I will never turn on the telly and don’t want to watch “Dom2” because you’re afraid to become blunt.

Floor first with their problems, with their systems! Nurture their children. Do not meddle with tips, when you do not ask. You exaggerate the importance of your opinion. All to shit what you think, especially if you have no one to call and especially when you did not ask. I am here just tired of you. Would have been five people, I Used you slapped on the ass and on the grass let go.”

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