Стало известно, сколько семья Кардашьян получает за один пост в Instagram

The Kardashian family is one of the most hyped in the world. The popularity of each member is measured by millions of fans and millions of profit. Kardashians has a special talent to make money. No exception, and the social networks that are now almost not the main source of income of the clan.

Journalists have set a goal to figure out how much is one a promotional post in a microblog, for example, Kim Kardashian.

Michael Heller, head of digital-marketing firm Talent Resources, which deals with the contracts of many of the stars of the reality show, told Us Weeklythat one post in Instagram Kim gets $500 000! Sisters Kim, Kourtney and Chloe – behind the hyped professional widowed female relatives: their positions are estimated at $250 000 each.

Sisters Kim mom, Kendall and Kylie also make a lot of money online. Advertising anything on their pages is worth about $400 000 for one publication.

It is worth saying that many brands are happy to pay such huge sums for advertising to members of the family Kardashian-Jenner, since it is almost certainly doomed to success. Marketers know that everything that touches the hand of this family, instantly becomes popular, and hence the advertising costs are justified.

For reference: beauty Kardashian always inform the subscribers that the post – advertising. Look at the captions to the photos hashtags #ad, #spon or #collab.