Melanie brown filed for divorce from husband-cheater

Мелани Браун подала на развод с супругом-изменщиком
The second marriage of the former “Peppercorn” ended in failure.

Melanie brown and Stephen Belafonte


As it became
you know, Melanie brown, aka Mel b, ex-soloist of “Spice Girls”, decided to divorce
with her husband Stephen Belafonte. In their petition to the court, she indicated that
want joint with Steven custody of their daughter Madison. In addition, in his statement
Brown said that he refused to pay Belafonte marital alimony. About it
reported the online edition of

Melanie and her
the spouse who married in 2007-m to year, have lived together for almost 10 years, failing to anniversary only three months. All this time they was raised
together four children: except for Madison, in their home growing up has two daughters, brown is 9-year-old angel (from a short romance with Eddie Murphy) and 17-year-old Phoenix (from ex-spouse
singer — Jimmy Gulzar), and 12-year-old
daughter Steven — Giselle (from his former girlfriend Nicole Conteras).

That was
the specific reason that prompted Melanie, who is currently performing in the musical “Chicago” on the stage of a Broadway theatre, to file for divorce — officially
reported. But shortly before the former Spice girl made a decision
to conclude my marriage, appeared in the press shots Belafonte, have fun in
unidentified company petite brunette. Arranging for girls romantic
dinner in the restaurant, he, without paying the slightest attention to the other visitors, expressed
your tender feelings to her, took her hand, bowed to her. Whispering something to her
ear, hugged her shoulders, then waist…

last year, Melanie said she is confident that her marriage to Stephen will last until
the end of their days, actually, the rumors about discord in her family and went to
this story. Once it was forced to admit even the singer herself, honestly said,
being late for a scheduled photo shoot because of a quarrel with her husband.