Стало известно о тайном плане невесты принца Гарри
Meghan Markle came up with a way to earn millions.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Recently, reporters dug up interesting information. As it turned out, Meghan Markle, long before she met her groom, Prince Harry, was alternative
plan — how to become rich and famous. The actress, who last summer celebrated his 36th birthday, was going to make a fortune
on… candies! As we found out, six years ago, Megan trademarked and registered
brand Lali: Markle together
some of my girlfriends planned
to get rich on the production of lollipops. Was even prepared a sketch of the layout
advertising: it was supposed to show off Megan in the background of multicoloured sweets.

At the time Markle starred in one season of “Force majeure” and
have not had time to become famous. However, this TV show was so successful that before
the implementation of its business plan, it never came. Her fees
was gradually increased and reached to 36 thousand dollars for each episode. If
note that it was filmed more than 100 episodes of this series, Megan is enriched very well. And need candy just disappeared.

Now, however, Markle is no longer removed in “Force majeure”. Playing friend
one of the main characters in seven seasons, Meghan has announced his retirement from
series’s. In preparation for the engagement with the Prince, she decided to end her acting career,
to devote his time to the duties of a member of the Royal family. Curiously,
what if Megan does decide for some reason to revive my old idea, it is not
would be contrary to British law. The members of the Royal family have
the right to engage in commercial activities. So, the Duchess of Wessex, the wife of
Prince Edward – youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II continues to manage the firm, specializing in PR.