ISA Anokhina suffering from mental disorders

Айза Анохина страдает от расстройства психики The popular blogger gives most of her free time work and raising two sons. A young mother published a post on Instagram, which complained of problems due to the disease.
Айза Анохина страдает от расстройства психики

ISA Anokhina regularly shares the latest news from his personal life. A young mother is engaged in business and has two sons. Also, the ex-wife of rapper Guf decided to start practicing and solneu career, the first song was dedicated to my ex-husband. She tried to Express all the feelings to him.

Despite the progress and achievements in different spheres of life, ISA complained of problems with mental health. The star had a panic attack after a long illness.

“Hello, the night happened to me just another trick. Back with her husband home. I still can’t get over what happened with me disease. Weakness and so on. In General, we’re home. Elvis laid. And went to her husband to watch “Stand up”. Lie, lie and feel that it is impossible to breathe normally. Here is a direct hard to breathe. Lie further analyze their condition. My husband tries to talk to me, joking, and I just don’t see his information. And then I realize that this is the beginning of a panic attack” – shared ISA with fans.

According to star, this has happened before. ISA told me that during the attack, she ran around the apartment, scaring everyone. About your affliction designer for a long time didn’t tell anyone, but dare to confess to his wife.

“I explained that my nervous system does not stand responsibility. If I continue in the same spirit, would be irreparable. Beloved gave me a hug and so I tried to sleep until five in the morning! My heart was beating like I drank 10 cups of coffee, and I generally do not drink coffee, cold, bad food, excessive susceptibility, poor sleep ensues in nervous exhaustion, I have little energy, and work without days off this is not about me. Attack I never made, because I know that it is important in this state, but it was the call that you want to change everything immediately!” said ISA.

According to the businesswoman, she needed complete rest on the ocean with my family. “I spoke! And if I wrote a post yesterday, it would’ve been better, but yesterday I couldn’t!” – summed up the young mother.

Fans of the star immediately left many comments with words of support and told their stories of struggle with mental illness. “I have panic attacks arise from 13 years, the doctors just shrug and knocked on all the IRR, in that year, was prescribed antidepressants, which are generally of the feeling only made it worse. I understand that it is not treated?”, “It is nerves, terrible as hell, well, nothing strong we will defeat all our fears and become even stronger! We need fundamental changes in your life and everything will be okay!” “Girls, Hello, my doctors sent, saying that such disease no longer exists, had the most to overcome, the first is to change the priorities and to think more about yourself, less about money. Second – required careful charging in the morning, as this may be a banal pinched nerve, the third – quit Smoking. The last is self – control and faith that you can handle. I changed jobs, and everything was fine. Good luck to all!” noted fans.