ISA Anokhina happy husband revealing outfits

Айза Анохина радует мужа откровенными нарядами
Some time ago ISA Anokhin told their followers that in her relations with her husband remained romance.

Айза Анохина радует мужа откровенными нарядами

After the birth of the baby Elvis parenting takes more time.

So the husband ISA, Dmitry Anokhin, decided to make his beloved wife a romantic date.

Айза Анохина радует мужа откровенными нарядами

“I’m a hopeless romantic and I always want to be in a relationship nothing changed. I really don’t like domestics, – said the celebrity. – Recently, we began to organize a romantic evening with the kids…
Recently, when we were in Bali, the husband has fulfilled my deepest desire: I really wanted to watch the stars in a tent, but didn’t know how to do it. Dima found a transparent model, we were inside and watched the sky. On this day, the Indonesians celebrated New year: people on the island completely turned off the lights not working, even the airport. It was stunningly beautiful, it seemed that the visible milky way. Above you myriads of stars, and a number of sons and husband.”

It seems now it is the turn ISA to surprise my husband. She showed fans a revealing outfit which went to meet the wife.

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