Айза Анохина похвасталась идеально плоским животом после родов Not long ago, the whole family of the celebrity has again moved to Bali. ISA Anokhina changed the warm boots for light t-shirts and shorts. Fans praised her trim figure and admired mother of two children so quickly to dump excess weight.

      Designer Svetlana Anokhina at the beginning of October last year became a mother for the second time. She gave husband Dmitry son. A young woman is always very candid with his fans and even dared to show the child in real-time. ISA Anokhina decided to give birth live

      For childbirth ISA along with her husband and eldest son arrived in Moscow, but when the baby is a little older, the whole family again went to the island of Bali. If over a couple of months after the appearance of the second heir Anokhina hiding your figure under bulky sweaters and jackets, now in a hot country, the designer was dressed in shorts. In the picture published in the social network, ISA is sitting on a motorcycle beside her husband. Anokhin deployed in the profile. Celebrity raised his shirt to show a perfectly flat tummy.

      Fans were delighted to see that the designer was able to quickly get in shape. Many complimented her and noted that her figure hard to believe that only three months ago she became a mother for the second time. They even suggested that a non-birth girls can’t boast of such pressure. “You are so slim! I’m already jealous!”, “The figure, Ah, you have perfect”, “Oh, you’re just super. Figure mortality. Just sexy. Keep it up,” “ISA, you’re a witch. Great figure! I would kind after childbirth,” wrote fans.

      Anokhin previously admitted that because of the stress she lost her appetite. The celebrity was so nervous on the eve of opening their own beauty salon, which greatly emaciated. At ISA handed over the nerves after the scandal with one of the workers her Studio. According to the artist, the owner made a bad repair, and created an uncomfortable working conditions. All this is reflected in the condition of the mother of two children, and as a result she began to lose weight.

      “Although the weight may be normal, but my feeling state in General unimportant. I can’t play sports because I was a difficult birth, and my nerve losing weight is wrong. At one point I just lost my appetite due to experiences. Then lost milk, and now you feed the baby only at night just to be safe… I’m used to working stress, but this was something out of the ordinary” – shared Anokhin.