Thank you for living: how Dubtsova, Bulanova and Kadono was on the verge of death

Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти Star said “StarHit” as saved from harm. Irina Dubtsova had time to go to the doctor, Tatiana Bulanova miraculously survived the accident, Vlad kadoni was saved by the doctors of “ambulance”, Regina Todorenko almost killed enraged Colombians and Soso Pavliashvili almost fell from the sixth floor because of unrequited love.

      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти



      “I have a tradition twice a year I will have a rest on Maldives, – shares with “StarHit” Irina Dubtsova. Holidays 2015 almost turned into tragedy. I love the ocean, spend a lot of time in the water. One day walking in shallow water, admiring the small colored fish. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in his right lower leg – if someone is stung. Went ashore, examined the leg and saw only a small red spot. The pain quickly subsided, and I instantly forgot all about it. But in vain…

      By the evening the foot started to ache and swelled up – I was scared. Went to reception, explained the situation to the administrator, showed the wound. The girl called someone and after 10 minutes I was seen by a doctor. Judging by the way the doctor anxiously scratched his head during the reception, good in my state was not enough… Then told the receptionist something on the Maldives.

      The girl turned, I was bitten by a poisonous jellyfish – says Dubtsova. – Need urgent help: if not immediately spread leg drug, the consequences can be dire – until the paralysis.

      I immediately gave the doctor money and sent for a ointment. He brought her and rubbed my foot. Asked to repeat the procedure in three hours. Fortunately, the swelling quickly subsided, the bite stopped whining. Don’t forget it I concern, it is unknown what could have happened…”




      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти

      “As I remember, it was summer, June 16, 1996, – shares with “StarHit” Bulanova. – At its “eight” I was traveling from the country of the first husband If Tagriny to parents. I don’t know how it happened – whether there was a bump on the road, whether the wheel has broken but the car abruptly thrown to the side, and I’m at full speed and flew to the side. The car rolled over several times through the roof.

      When he awoke, he began to finger myself – is everything in place? Open the door, go out, come to the aid of people running. And watch crazy eyes – the car completely and I’m only a couple of scratches. I was lucky the son of a toy typewriter, so it is 10 meters from the group of eight pulled back. The police arrived as much as whistled when he saw the crumpled car. Said, they say, in such accidents do not survive. I saved what I was wearing. Although, when sat behind the wheel, had the idea to ignore this rule. But, thank God, I drove myself – it is the guardian angel saved me.”


      FLY, FLY!


      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти

      “I was going on holiday to France on 28 June this year, was flying in transit through Istanbul – my Manager why we bought these tickets, – says Anastasia “StarHit”. – Held at the international airport ATA-Turk for about five hours – had lunch, walked through duty free, not knowing that very soon these stores will be scattered the bodies of innocent victims of the terrorist attack…

      Safely got on the plane and already on arrival in Marseille learned that Turkey is in trouble. I was very scared because I could be among the 45 dead or wounded 239. God saved me from death, and it means that I still have on earth to do something good for people…”

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      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти

      “When I was 16, I broke up with my passion, – says Soso “StarHit”. To impress her, he decided to take extreme action. Learned that evening my sweetheart will be away at a birthday party with my friend who lived on the sixth floor of a nine homes.

      The father of a friend was backpacking, and I asked him to put me on a special equipment on the balcony of the apartment. Dad friend “Packed me”, and I began to descend from the roof. Partner in crime warned that the main thing – not to look down. But at around the seventh floor I glanced at the ground and thought that I would die from fear.Heart began to beat so that it made him sick, before my eyes everything swam. More and the rope was somehow suspicious wobble. Figured it’s time to say goodbye to life, come out now!

      With shaking hands I reached the desired balcony. When under the feet was Paul, I was immediately thrown off his gear. All were dumbfounded, and I said sweetheart: “no One will love you like I do”. And immediately departed through the door. More that I haven’t seen the girl: after the desire to communicate with her is lost.”



      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти

      “In the 90s I lived in Yalta. It all happened when I was pregnant – waiting for the birth of the eldest son of Nicholas, – says Evelina “StarHit”. – Near our house there was a Park which was once a Tatar cemetery. One day, my sister and Maya walked there – it was winter, I was in a beautiful fur coat. Walked a bit, sat down on a bench to rest, and then granted two clean-cut guy. The horror was that one of them was holding a knife impressive size, it was… visible traces of blood. I held my breath. Look around – around, unfortunately, no soul, there is no help. Guys, meanwhile, in a rather cheeky form ask us: “have you got a Cigarette?” I tried to pull myself together, I answer, they say, do not smoke. And the heart sank to my stomach… Now they give you the knife, take a coat and vanish.

      Then one brandishing a knife, said: “Throw us the money on cigarettes”. Then Maya came quickly reached into my pocket, gave them a few notes they took and whistling, and departed in an unknown direction.

      Fortunately we were given criminal situation we consider lightly”.

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      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти

      “Eighteen months ago, we shot in Bogota, is Colombia, – says the host of the show “heads and tails”. – I’m personally convinced that this city is not for nothing has the reputation of being the most criminal in the world. There just despise tourists is us with co-host Nicky Sergei also felt on my own skin. One of these days, rented an armored car and went to the most dangerous area to take some photos for the program.

      When I got out of the car, we immediately began to run together local residents and throw stones at us. We quickly got back in the car, but that didn’t stop the Colombians – the enraged people began to knock on the car with sticks, tried to break the glass, didn’t let us leave… Then they rocked the car that almost turned it over.

      I first was very scared for his life – there was a feeling that they will tear us to pieces. Thanks to our driver, he still managed to escape and drive us from these mad men.”




      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти

      “In my student years, we were taken to the farm to harvest watermelons, – says the singer “StarHit”. – In the afternoon we worked in the fields and in the evenings entertained. Somehow one of my friends argued with a country boy. The furious somewhere popped up, it was not ten minutes. And then he flew into the hangar with weapons at the ready, ran up to me and rested his barrel chest.

      Looking at his finger lying on the trigger, I mentally said goodbye to life. Behaved like a real Rambo in the store imposed. And this mad, meanwhile, yells: “Well, you still want to argue with me?” I tried to explain that he confused me with another guy, but the language to the sky from fear stuck murmured something unintelligible.

      Happiness in the hangar ran my comrades and twisted this violent. But I still could not come to life…”




      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти

      “It happened three years ago – says “StarHit” the soloist of group “Ivanushki International”. – We with friends went to rest in Krasnaya Polyana, where I wanted the first time to fly on a hang glider. I teammates and wife climbed the mountain, agreed with the instructor, dressed in special gear. Nothing boded trouble…

      But when we stood at the edge of the cliff, was ready to take a run and jump, we caught a strong gust of wind and dragged the earth to the other edge of the cliff. In my head flashed: “Now you fall…” And the next moment everything faded away – it turns out, we just swung and hit standing on the hill a lonely tree. She was there on our happiness – if not for the tree, the glider would land in the abyss.

      For a few minutes I blacked out, himself came from the fact that the instructor hits me in the cheeks. Got up, dusted himself off… “will Have to come down on the funicular,” stated the coach. Learning that it takes as much as 50 minutes, I decided the second you try to be. This time everything was perfect, and the instructor said I was the first who after such failure still decided on the flight.”




      Спасибо, что живой: как Дубцова, Буланова и Кадони оказались на волосок от смерти

      “More than ten years ago we with friends went to rest on the country, – says a leading “House-2”. – Walked from the heart. I felt sick but tried not to pay attention to it – why, if such fun! When I returned home, has not become easier. Fever, I was shaking and felt sick, wildly right side was hurting. In this state, I spent the day mom was not home, so take me to the doctor there was no one.On the second day, suspecting something was wrong, I’m in a semi-conscious state crawled to the door and asked neighbors to call an ambulance.

      At the hospital it turned out that I had peritonitis on the background of acute appendicitis. The doctors were horrified: it turned out, a couple of hours – and to save me would hardly be able”.

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      GO LADA, GO!


      “It was in Kaliningrad, where I come from, – shared the singer with “StarHit”. – There is a lake Thalmann. Once two friends went for a walk to the water. They were 12, I 10. The boys loved to swim in this lake, and I usually watched them frolic, but this time decided – that I worse? Too cool! Waited until the boys had set sail from the shore, and directly into summer dress leaped off the cliff. Travelled a few metres of a dog, and one of the boys saw that I was floundering, and cried out: “what are You, stupid? Come back quickly!”

      I wanted him to say something, but did not open his mouth, how he got the water and I started to choke. Fear has stopped working hands, and in a second went to the bottom. In horror, gasping, saw that a few meters away from me the same cliff. Was rowing to it from the last effort, and, fortunately, I swam. Then the boys arrived, pulled me to shore.”