Ирина Шейк поразила публику странным нарядом
Russian supermodel changed her image.

Irina Shayk

The last appearance of Irina Shayk in the audience caused a strong reaction. The fact that the Russian model has radically changed the image. On her head was wearing a purple dreadlocks, and she was dressed in a fur jacket, with the feet beauties graced the microsort and platform boots dizzying heights. Fortunately, changes in appearance of Irene was just a consequence of her participation in the fashion show of Marc Jacobs.

The shake was the real star of the past in the framework of the fashion week in new York show. It Irina the designer was trusted to close the show — if that show was attended by models, as the saying goes, “filename”: Kendall Jenner, Gigi, Bella Hadid, and many others.

Meanwhile, after the recent incident with Bella on the podium during another show, backstage was dominated by nervous conditions. A couple of days ago in the show of fashion designer Michael Kors the girl was not kept on the heels and “stretched” right in front of guests. The most annoying is that the daughter of a Palestinian billionaire no one helped her up. The audience is indifferently filmed on mobile phones. Fortunately, Irina, bravely walking along on a huge platform, trouble happened. She coped with the task on five points.

By the way, some time ago, the Sheik admitted that in childhood and adolescence were very dissatisfied with their appearance. At some point, by her own admission, she wanted to be a boy. “I was born and raised in a tiny town. I never considered myself beautiful. And in 14 years I dreamed of being a boy was all ready to give. I thought I was terrible and will never be able somebody will like it…” — said Irina.