Алена Хмельницкая оценила бойфренда своей старшей дочери
The actress expressed her opinion.

Алена Хмельницкая оценила бойфренда своей старшей дочери

Daughters Alexandra and Xenia. 2015


Although Alain Hmelnitsky daughter Sasha introduced me to her boyfriend recently, the actress has already managed to make about my opinion of him.

“We met this summer
on neutral territory, in France, where they with Sasha flew in from America, says Khmelnitsky. —
A very nice young man, loves my daughter and cares about her. He’s not
creative world, which is probably a rather big plus.

The actress hopes that the musical “Cinderella” in which she plays the Stepmother, Sasha will come with her boyfriend.

“I would love
to see this musical, laugh and mourn with them. It
will be very beautiful story with beautiful music. I swear, every day we
hear the music, but when in the final scene of the wedding I look at my
partners, then whenever they all have in the eyes are the tears… the Role of Stepmother I really like, I would never
traded it for Cinderella. I have such unrealistic daughters in this musical, just zazhigalochka! By the way, this is my topic, all the two daughters in life,
in the musical, in antrepriznyh performances. It’s time to do
business cards. “Alena Khmelnitskaya. The mother of two daughters,” joked Allen.

Khmelnytsky still wonders how different in character were two of her daughters. “For example, Sasha immediately
became my friend and a wonderful companion, we went with her and shooting, and
“Kinotavr”, it does not trouble you, because she has a calm nature. I
by the way, was also in the same quiet, trouble-free child. And Tigran,
the stories of his parents, grew up a quiet boy. But Ksenia have —
completely different, she’s a hurricane, Energizer, wildly funny, but something to do
when it is impossible. She’s the kind of person who needs attention, and be
sure she will get it by any means, will raise the ears of the whole world, but
have their way.”

The full interview with the Khmelnytsky read here.

Photo: Philip Goncharov