Ирина Шейк расскажет, как выбрать нижнее белье

The Russian supermodel with a perfect body has become the main character of the guide for the choice of a bra, released one of the brands of underwear.

Irina Shayk appears on the pages of the book The Perfect Bra (“the Perfect bra”), telling how to choose the right bra. Shake in seductive lingerie is the perfect illustration of the guide to bras.

Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi regularly reissued book The Perfect Bra. From time to time the edition is decorated with enticing pictures taken by the most successful photographers of our time. In 2016, the author photos were made by Sante D’orazio, on account of which advertising campaign Versace and Victoria’s Secret.

In the book you will find tips for choosing the perfect bra in accordance with the shape type and shape of your Breasts. In addition, in the guide you can learn how to achieve a particular aesthetic effect depending on the choice of underwear.

By the way, Irina Shayk is not the first time becomes the heroine of this edition. Early in his career, in 2012, the Russian model was photographed for the guide underwear brand Intimissimi.

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