Irina Shayk said about insecurity

Ирина Шейк рассказала о неуверенности в себе
Recently, the famous model Irina Shayk took part in a new photoshoot for Intimissimi.

Ирина Шейк рассказала о неуверенности в себе

In parallel, Irina told me about his life. It turned out that at the beginning of a modeling career, the woman felt very insecure, but was able to cope with it.

“I began working as a model, rather late, at 19 years old, and at first the filming was very nervous because I didn’t know how to sit and stay in front of the camera. I’m not a born model, and not immediately figured out how to relax in front of the camera and gain confidence. Confidence came to me with age. In my youth I was insecure and shy, but over time learned to believe in himself and found his way in life,” said Shake.

According to Irina, she loves fast food and a variety of sweets and sometimes can not indulge in them.

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