Ирина Шейк и Брэдли Купер больше не живут вместе

One of the strongest couples in Hollywood close to divorce. As reported, 33-year-old Irina Shayk and 44-year-old Bradley Cooper don’t live together.

Irina Shayk moved from the mansion of the actor in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles to your home. “The relationship between them was getting colder. This went on for several months. Irina decided it would be better if she move to him. It seems that their relationship came to an end,” said the insider.

The source claims that the relationship of stars “hanging in the balance,” and the only thing that still keeps them together is their two year old daughter Leah.

For 15 years, 43-year-old Bradley Cooper has been a career actor and it is no secret that over the years has lost a landmark in life. In this case, it is the family helps to gather and find your way. “I spent about 15 years old, appearing in one film to another. But when I turned 39, I stopped and asked myself, perhaps the most important question: “what do I really want to do?” To be a father and have a family of your own is a miracle and something I have always dreamed of. These important things have appeared in my life, opened me a new perspective,” says Bradley.

Earlier there were rumors about the relationship of Cooper and colleagues in the movie Lady Gaga. Actor drew Parallels between his childhood and colleagues. “Me and Stephanie (Lady Gaga) was very fond of in my childhood. Now, in adulthood, it is very much manifested — personally, I just see people who were raised in love. So I want my daughter always felt loved,” added Cooper.

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