Irina Muromtseva declassified affair with a married man

Ирина Муромцева рассекретила роман с женатым мужчиной The presenter recalled the error of his youth. Irina Muromtseva admitted that relations with the unfree man brought her pain. She thinks she could avoid disappointment if her time out on meetings.

Famous TV presenter Irina Muromtseva happy marriage with her husband Maxim Volkov. They raise a daughter to Alexander and 15-year-old daughter, which was born from the first husband of a celebrity. The star of the First channel admits that it is not easy to raise a teenager, but trying to do everything that a girl could trust her and share secrets. Irina remembered that her relationship with her mother was quite tense, but because in her youth, she failed to avoid disappointment.

“When I was 17, I started Dating a married man. Secret from mum, of course. If I could tell my mom… I wouldn’t hurt so much after a year and a half. This could not be reflected on character, on relationships with men. If I adult taken into protective custody, things could be different,” recalled Muromtseva.

However, Irina does not seek to patronize daughters. She believes that it would be wrong to protect them from their mistakes. Moreover, the presenter realizes that sometimes gives advice, not in order to save the heir from a disorder, but only in order to feel calmer.

“I call out to her, she was breaking, only to not hear me. And I listened to his words and think: “what in my life is it? Yes! Of course, it was. I did the same!” Why do I say it to her? Because I want to protect her, so she doesn’t cry, smile… So I was comfortable that I was for her calm,” said Muromtseva.

The presenter understands that transition to adulthood is a challenge for both parents and for Teens. Irina is influenced by wisdom’s daughter Lyubasha, who sometimes gives her advice on how to improve relations with loved ones. Muromtseva admits that it’s hard communicating with her mother in law, and therefore the heiress tells her how to keep the peace with a relative. Also the star of the First channel became more tolerant of their own mom and dad.

“She recently visited my parents. Came back and told me: “We are not eternal. Time goes on. Your parents grow old, they leave. Think about what you need to make a move?” I said, “hard for Me”. And she wisely replied: “And you get over it. If you miss this moment, you’ll be sorry, you know”. Even if it is only my achievement in respect of Lyubasha, we can be calm,” said the presenter in conversation with journalists of the edition “Leider”.