Ирина Муравьева: роман за кулисами и секрет трепетных отношений Favorite actress of theatre and cinema will turn 69. Irina Vadimovna we know for many great films: “Moscow does not believe in tears”, “Carnival”, “stage of Gribov”… Career has never stood for Irina Vadimovna in the first place, it is more important to her was family.
Ирина Муравьева: роман за кулисами и секрет трепетных отношений

Irina Muraveva was born in 1949 in Moscow. Her parents went through the war alone, but along with the Victory gained, and love. Father of actress was a military engineer, he volunteered for the front. The mother, a native of Belarus, was sent by the Germans to forced labor in Berlin. The will of fate they met in Germany and did not leave never.

Soon the mansion had two girls, Irina – the youngest. Despite a strict upbringing, parents strongly surrounded their daughters with love and care.

Before becoming an icon of the Soviet cinema Irina Vadimovna had to go through an extremely bumpy ride. The girl just wanted to be an artist, but in theatre schools she was denied. What’s more – strongly advised me to forget about this profession, not seeing jireh talent. But the next darling of the whole country was persistent and succeeded: after a year it was still at the Studio Children’s theatre.

To stop the development of their professional skills she did not: she later entered the correspondence Department of the University which a few years earlier graduated from one of the Directors of the Central children’s theatre and… future husband of Irina Vadimovna – Leonid Eidlin.

Ирина Муравьева: роман за кулисами и секрет трепетных отношений

The story of their tender love began right there, in the Central children’s theatre. She already conquered the stage and the hearts of their spectators, when there is a new Director and invited her to his production of “the Tale of four twins” on the role Bonki. At the end of the tale the lovers go, hand in hand, but directed differently interpreted the scene: Leonid decided to drop on his head Bonki wedding veil. Muravyova from the first meeting managed to conquer the heart of the Director, and Eidlin already at the first rehearsal saw it as his bride.

“Roman Laziness and Ira began, I think, during the rehearsals of the play “Four twin” in 1972. Muravyova played multiple roles,” recalled poet and composer Yuliy Kim in an interview.
Ирина Муравьева: роман за кулисами и секрет трепетных отношений

In the theater, no one knew or even guessed about this novel: Leonid was much older than Irina, colleagues have not seen in the man something unusual, as once the selection Committee saw no talent in Muravyova. But she saw in my future the chosen reliability and love.

The news of their marriage was for colleagues of the actress and Director a real surprise. After the wedding the happy couple moved into a small utility room, Leonid. The first time she is longing for a warm family home, where every evening she was waiting for the chocolate and my mother’s caring left hand milk at night. During the first dinner in his new home, the actress couldn’t hold back the tears – she was drawn to family. And soon the couple learned that their home and soon he will be someone’s parent: in 1975, the son of Irina Muravyova and Leonid Eidlin appeared first son, Daniel.

Ирина Муравьева: роман за кулисами и секрет трепетных отношений
Ирина Муравьева: роман за кулисами и секрет трепетных отношений

Thus, the pair gave the theatre the next surprise. Colleagues wondered how early in his career to go on maternity leave? But before the actress this question, not even standing, because the family for Irina, as has been said, has always been in the first place. She was not only a caring wife, but also a great mother to two sons, because in 1983 the family had another baby Eugene.

Despite the prevailing opinion that such creative couples are doomed to short-lived alliances in the family Muravyova and Eidlin more than 40 years reigned idyll. Their sons didn’t know what – “to be the son of actors”: to grow in the dressing room, to sleep in auditoriums, fed with dry rations. This family was a real example of how artists donate the art, which was for many years a huge number of obstacles. That children grow up surrounded by care and affection, Leonid and Irina were left with the children. Even being a famous actress, Muraviev kept the house warm and cozy.

“The relationship of Irina and her husband are very timid, and keeps their family for 40 years – flowers, gifts, notes, calls… They are, even if two hours of each other do not see – I already miss you. It is a quiet happiness is much more important than the raging passions,” said the actress Larisa Kichanov, friend, family and colleague Irina on to the stage.

To judge from their deep family happiness is possible only in rare joint filming of the TV shows. Actress and Director was rarely forthcoming about his personal life, they carefully guarded their home. Even after the death of her husband (Leonid Eidlin died of a stroke in 2014), Irina didn’t want to show his sorrow and did not give the media any information.

To survive the death of her husband and out of the depression, Irina Muravyova helped her family. In 2005, the eldest son of Irene, had a baby, Ivan, with whom the actress spends a lot of time. And at the end of last year, the first son in the family of her youngest son Eugene.

Remaining a loving and caring mother and becoming a grandmother, the actress have arranged at home a large cozy kitchen, to be able to get together more often with family. Her sons have already grown up and are fathers, but she still treats them with motherly trepidation.

Daniel and Eugene followed in the footsteps of parents, but has not yet reached the same heights. Eugene, after devoting several years of television, is now trying his hand in the restaurant business. As for Daniel, he persistently engaged in acting activities.

The years go by, and the family is still Irina Muravyova in the first place. For the sake of their loved ones, the actress decided to go on a diet to keep in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. Although she does not forget and about career: today we can enjoy the game your favorite artist at the Maly theater.

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