Ирина Дубцова выступала в Сочи с высокой температурой

Despite poor health, the singer has not cancelled their performances.

Any organism under high stress, sooner or later, begging for mercy. What can we say about the stars, which worried a few flights a week. It happens that a small breeze, and everything, Hey, runny nose and temperature.

So, unfortunately, happened with some artists arrived for the contest “New wave” in Sochi. Whether climate change played a role, or high load), but suddenly began to mow the virus. Alarming news came first from representatives of the singer Irina Dubtsova. The singer has arrived together with all the stars, but for two days it was nowhere to be seen.

“We unsolder arbidola,” – said on the court, when we, worried, asked if everything was okay. Irina rehearsal is not cancelled: but where to go? The artist has a tight schedule, home to lie down. On Dubcova was painful to watch. The singer was constantly coughing, sneezing, wrapped in a large coat, despite the fact that Sochi is tridtsatigradusnaya heat. But the performance its not canceled!

After a few hours, however, the artist was relieved. Obviously, the drugs worked!

“I feel a little better. The staff of the “New wave” gave me today pills, plus I always bring a good old paracetamol. Have not been sick, apparently, it’s time. Everything was fine the first few days and last night felt unwell. Temperature rose. It is definitely a virus, other versions I have. In the sea I did not swim, warm to cool nowhere else” – shared with Woman’s Day Dubtsova.

By the way, talking about the virus are not exaggerated. Correspondent to Woman’s Day too, nearly came down with fever. But still kept. And in General it was found that in Sochi walks in a strong infection – tourists get sick one by one. Therefore, the stars are reinsured: little swim, eat a lot of fruit, the benefit, now is the season. Accepted and other security measures. For example, the organizers cherish colleagues of Irina and carefully monitored so that after the speech Dubtsova disinfecting the microphone.